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How to get here

By car …

Coming from the west, take the A1 (Westautobahn), bypass Vienna on the A21 and the S1, then take the A4 (Ostautobahn) to arrive directly at your holiday destination.

Coming from the north, bypass Vienna on the A22 and take the A4 (Ostautobahn) to reach your destination in the sunshine area of Austria.

Coming from the south, take the A2 (Südautobahn) until the Wiener Neustadt Interchange, then the S4 and S31 towards Eisenstadt, then proceed further in the direction of the Seewinkel.

Coming from the east, we can be reached via Nickelsdorf (A4), Klingenbach (B16 and S31), Pamhagen (B51), Kittsee (A6) and Berg (B50).

By train …

Coming from the south, west or north, travel to Vienna Hauptbahnhof, where you can get a train in the direction of Neusiedl am See. From Neusiedl am See, Podersdorf am See can be reached by bus Nr. 290. An extra service, called “Holiday without your car”, which offers free transfers to and from the nearest railway station, is offered by some businesses.To help you plan your journey please consult the website of the Austrian Railways - here you can find time tables and route planners to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

By air …

The nearest airport is Vienna Schwechat.From here, Podersdorf am See can be reached by public transport or by taxi.


„Taxi Fritz“

Fricki Darko

Neubaugasse 10

7141 Podersdorf am See

Tel.: +43 2177/20079

+43 650/991 25 25

Fax: +43 2177/20079


„Ecotourism” - Holiday without your car

Make your holiday in the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Lake Neusiedl environmentally friendly. Several hosts in Podersdorf am See offer a special service to those who choose a “Holiday without your car” and arrive with public transport.

Neusiedler See Card Accommodation Partners

„Soft Mobility” with the Neusiedler See Card - travel for free on all public transport in the region, and enjoy other benefits offered by the Neusiedler See Card.